How to enable Remote MySQL Usage/Management

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How to enable Remote MySQL Usage/Management

If you need to connect to your databases remotely through MySQL management software such as MySQL Administrator or similar, you can do this easily by enabling Remote MySQL connections.

How do I enable Remote MySQL?

  • Login to cPanel
  • Click on Remote MySQL
  • Provide one of two items, the IP of the remote computer accessing the database or, the domain name
  • Click Add Host

After doing so, that remote IP or domain will be able to access your databases using valid MySQL connection information including:

  • Your remote MySQL Servername: localhost
  • A valid database name (eg. webuser_myforum)
  • A valid MySQL username (eg. webuser_forumdb)
  • A valid MySQL password for the above MySQL user

How do I remove a remote location from Remote MySQL?

  • Login to cPanel
  • Click on Remote MySQL
  • In the table below where you add hosts is a list of currently enabled locations, click the circled X next to the remote location to remove remote access

I have a dynamic IP, how do I enable Remote MySQL for me?

Simply put, for security it requires an IP, if you have an IP in the same range consistently (eg. 192.168.1XX.XXX) you could put 216.158.1% to enable the entire range for remote access.

What's the IP of my computer Internet connection?

Your IP as detected by this server:


You can place a single % to whitelist every computer, IP or domain connected to the Internet however doing so can mean you open yourself to a security risk by opening the gate to access your databases. You should only do this if and when absolutely necessary and make it temporary or if permanent have very strong passwords for MySQL users that rates 80 or above on the strength scale.

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